How to make 1 million dollars before 30?


Being a rich person is not easy because you have to give your full effort to work hard and save money in your bank account. However, it is still possible to earn one million dollars before 30. Although it is a bit difficult, you must not miss this chance. Are you dreaming of being a rich person at a young age? All of the people really wish to have a lot of money before they are 30, but not all of them can even earn it. You really need to be encouraged so that you know how to earn one million dollars at a young age. So, you can read these following tips if you do want to be a rich person.


Changing Your Hobby into Business

Do you have a hobby? Hopefully, you have a unique hobby that allows you to earn money if you change it into a business. There are some hobbies that you may have such as playing music, singing, making cookies, acting, playing guitar, and much more. Suppose you love cooking, then you can create some delicious cakes and then sell them online. Instagram can be the best place to market your business. If you can write a song, then you can write a good song and then sell it to a production house.

Using Your Talent and Potential

Talent is something that is owned by certain people, but not all of the people have talent. If you have an ability to talk in front of a public, then you can become a radio broadcaster, presenter, moderator, and MC. You may have a good voice, and then it gives you a chance to become a singer. You can follow an audition and the win it. Thus, you will be popular and become an artist.


Running an Online Shop

Nowadays, most of the people are connected to the internet. Thus, there are so many businessmen who run online shop as their business. The online shop is really effective to sell your products. You can also sell other people’s products through your online shop. You can earn a lot of money when the products are sold out.

Having a Part-Time Job

A part-time job can be a good way to earn money because it is more flexible and you can manage your time. You can be anything to do this job. You can become a part-time teacher, writer, and much more. Meanwhile, you can still use your rest time to do other jobs. There are so many other jobs that you can do while you also do your part-time job.

Making YouTube Channel

YouTube is very popular social media website today because you can upload a lot of videos on your channel. You only need to sign up and build your own channel and then you can upload your video. Fortunately, you can integrate your channel with Google AdSense for the purpose of making money. Your job is only to make some good and unique videos and then you will get paid by Google through the advertisement available on your videos.

Well, those are several ways to make one million dollars before 30 that you can do. However, there is no guarantee that you will achieve your dream. As long as you do it properly and you give your effort to reach your dream, then you may get it anyway.

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