How to make 1 million dollars before 30?


Being a rich person is not easy because you have to give your full effort to work hard and save money in your bank account. However, it is still possible to earn one million dollars before 30. Although it is a bit difficult, you must not miss this chance. Are you dreaming of being a rich person at a young age? All of the people really wish to have a lot of money before they are 30, but not all of them can even earn it. You really need to be encouraged so that you know how to earn one million dollars at a young age. So, you can read these following tips if you do want to be a rich person.


Changing Your Hobby into Business

Do you have a hobby? Hopefully, you have a unique hobby that allows you to earn money if you change it into a business. There are some hobbies that you may have such as playing music, singing, making cookies, acting, playing guitar, and much more. Suppose you love cooking, then you can create some delicious cakes and then sell them online. Instagram can be the best place to market your business. If you can write a song, then you can write a good song and then sell it to a production house.

Using Your Talent and Potential

Talent is something that is owned by certain people, but not all of the people have talent. If you have an ability to talk in front of a public, then you can become a radio broadcaster, presenter, moderator, and MC. You may have a good voice, and then it gives you a chance to become a singer. You can follow an audition and the win it. Thus, you will be popular and become an artist.


Running an Online Shop

Nowadays, most of the people are connected to the internet. Thus, there are so many businessmen who run online shop as their business. The online shop is really effective to sell your products. You can also sell other people’s products through your online shop. You can earn a lot of money when the products are sold out.

Having a Part-Time Job

A part-time job can be a good way to earn money because it is more flexible and you can manage your time. You can be anything to do this job. You can become a part-time teacher, writer, and much more. Meanwhile, you can still use your rest time to do other jobs. There are so many other jobs that you can do while you also do your part-time job.

Making YouTube Channel

YouTube is very popular social media website today because you can upload a lot of videos on your channel. You only need to sign up and build your own channel and then you can upload your video. Fortunately, you can integrate your channel with Google AdSense for the purpose of making money. Your job is only to make some good and unique videos and then you will get paid by Google through the advertisement available on your videos.

Well, those are several ways to make one million dollars before 30 that you can do. However, there is no guarantee that you will achieve your dream. As long as you do it properly and you give your effort to reach your dream, then you may get it anyway.

Best Interview Tips for Getting a Job


You must know about the interview process before you get a job. But, you may not know how to get accepted easily after the interview, especially for those who are newly graduated students and just want to try to look for a job. Therefore, you need to know some tips on a job interview for those who have not been hired as they expect or maybe who have worked and want to try the opportunity in other companies. Here, we would like to share with you some best interview tips for getting a job easily.

Showing Up Your Confidence

Confidence is everything you need to have when you get interviewed. A company needs this kind of person because your job may be dealing with facing a lot of people. If you apply for a job like a teller, marketing, customers’ service, and public relation, then you must be confident. It all begins when you are interviewed. If you do not have confidence, then the chance for you to be accepted is very small.

Confident in this case is not just for the purpose to get a better communication, but it is also about the ability to complete every work assignment that is charged to you. So, if you are confident, then you will feel more able to complete all the tasks given, and even you can learn new things faster that are really needed by the company in running its business.

Never Say “No” for Each Question

Most of the interviewers will ask about the ability and skills that you have. For example, you may be asked if you can operate a computer or not. Suppose you get this question during the interview, you must not say “No” because the interviewer will consider that you cannot do the job given. Then, the interviewer may think that you will not be accepted.

So, what is the solution? Do you need to lie? If you do not apply for a job in the field of Graphic Design for instance, then you can still do it and you can answer “Yes, I can”. The next phase is that you need to learn how to learn about it. You only need to learn it for two weeks until you master it. If the interviewer asks you about when you can start to work, then you can say “two weeks from today”, then you can use your time to learn to use a computer.

Answering Questions Accordingly

There are a lot of job applicants who do not know that if they answer the question in a rambling manner, then they will get a big chance to be rejected. The interviewer will notice that you are not so good in communication. Therefore, when the interviewer asks you some question, then you must answer it in a good way and never show that you are nervous because it will make you answer the question in a rambling manner. You only need to answer what is being asked and do not give a too long answer that may be not needed.

Well, those are several best interview tips for getting a job that you can do. However, there are a lot of more tips that you must pay attention. Overall, you need to show that you are worth to work in the company by saying good things about you and about the company where you will work. You should never show negative things about yourself because it will make the interviewer feel bad about you either.

5 VR Games You Must Try!


Virtual Reality is a new technology that is designed to give a better experience for those who love playing games. If you love playing games on your smartphone, then you have a chance to play it using VR headset. Using this VR, playing the game becomes more realistic because you will enter the virtual world through the headset. Now, there are a lot of Android games that support VR and you can download it on the Google Play store. If you want to try it, then you can download these 5 VR games that support Virtual Reality.

Mekorama VR

Mekorama VR is a puzzle game where you have to guide a robot to move some rocks to the right place. At first, this game looks simple because only a few stones to be moved. However, the difficulty will increase when you reach the next levels. In its VR version, the images look like closer as if you enter into the game. You can use the controller to give the robot a guide in order to move the rocks correctly. This game is sold at a price of US $ 3.99.

PollyRuner VR

PollyRuner VR is a game that is almost the same as Temple Run. The difference is that you use a plane to avoid any obstacles while collecting bonus points in the form of an energy circle. The game is very simple and simple. So, this game is suitable for you who like the game that does not require full concentration in playing it. The good news is that you can download for free.

Hunters Gate

This VR game is suitable for those you who like game action genre. This game revolves around the devil’s attacks and your job is to restore the world to its original state. As time passes, your character will also grow stronger. In addition, this game becomes more exciting and thrilling because it has a really cool graphics. To be able to play this game you have to spend the US $ 5.99.

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

This game has a gameplay that is almost the same as PollyRunner. However, in Lamper VR the main character is not a plane but a firefly. To win this game we must avoid any obstacles that exist and save the lost fireflies due to spider attacks in the kingdom of insects. You can shoot down fireballs or use power-ups to defeat existing opponents. This game is available for free on the Google Play Store.

InMind VR

This VR game is very similar to one of the famous classic movies, The Fantastic Journey. As in the film, the player will be brought into a patient’s body and should shoot the neurons that can cause a psychological disturbance in the patient’s brain. Talking about the display, you should not doubt it because the graphics presented are really impressive. You can play this game without the need to spend money because it is totally free.

Well, those are five VR games that you must try. Some of those games are free of charge and you can download it on Google Play Store. It will make you feel dizzy in the first time but you will feel comfortable when you get used to playing it.

5 Easy Ways to Make Money via Facebook


Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites where there are more than billions of people who have Facebook accounts. Of course, it gives a chance to everybody who wants to increase their income through social media network. Even though Facebook is not the only website that offers you an opportunity to earn money online, but it can be the best choice because it is easy and simple. Then, how to earn money via Facebook? You can read these following 5 easy ways to make money via Facebook.

Providing “Like” Service on Facebook

The first way to earn money via Facebook is by selling “Likes” service to every businessman who needs it. However, this way can also spend your time and effort. According to its name, this business model offers Facebook Like service to any Facebook users who want to add more Likes on their fans page that they have created without promoting it. Shortly, you will replace their role as the advertiser. But, you also need to learn the basic if you want to succeed in running this business.

RunningEbookBusiness on Facebook

The easiest way to earn money via Facebook is by making Ebook on Facebook. You only need to make some Ebook products such as creating tutorials, information, story, and much more. You only need to make a good content that can attract readers. You must be smart in pointing out the story and explanation. You can promote your eBook by direct promotion or giveaway. Direct promotion means to offer the eBook to direct target or giveaway or giving the eBook freely but they need to visit your links or share your Facebook post to get it.

Fanspage Business on Facebook

This is not the same as the Facebook Likes business. When you choose this business, then you only need to create such a fans page on facebook and then sell each post to other users. What is selling the post? Selling post is just similar to tweet promotion on Twitter where you will offer your service to some people who want to advertise their business through your post. But, you need to make sure that your fan page has a lot of likes.

Game Business on Facebook

Do you know that playing games on Facebook can earn money? Well, it is true that you can get real money when you play some certain games on Facebook. However, the process is not that simple where you need to create one Facebook account that is specifically created for playing games on Facebook. You can play some Facebook games like Candy Crush Saga, FarmVille, 2, and Dragon City. You can promote your account that your Facebook account is really worth to buy.

Advertisement Business on Facebook

The last way to earn money via Facebook is through Facebook ads and this becomes the ultimate way to earn money online effectively. But, you need to know that when using this Facebook ad, you need to prepare a budget because it is not free. You need to have a credit card or VCC. You can promote your own product through the Facebook ads, blog promotion, or other people’s products.