5 Easy Ways to Make Money via Facebook


Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites where there are more than billions of people who have Facebook accounts. Of course, it gives a chance to everybody who wants to increase their income through social media network. Even though Facebook is not the only website that offers you an opportunity to earn money online, but it can be the best choice because it is easy and simple. Then, how to earn money via Facebook? You can read these following 5 easy ways to make money via Facebook.

Providing “Like” Service on Facebook

The first way to earn money via Facebook is by selling “Likes” service to every businessman who needs it. However, this way can also spend your time and effort. According to its name, this business model offers Facebook Like service to any Facebook users who want to add more Likes on their fans page that they have created without promoting it. Shortly, you will replace their role as the advertiser. But, you also need to learn the basic if you want to succeed in running this business.

RunningEbookBusiness on Facebook

The easiest way to earn money via Facebook is by making Ebook on Facebook. You only need to make some Ebook products such as creating tutorials, information, story, and much more. You only need to make a good content that can attract readers. You must be smart in pointing out the story and explanation. You can promote your eBook by direct promotion or giveaway. Direct promotion means to offer the eBook to direct target or giveaway or giving the eBook freely but they need to visit your links or share your Facebook post to get it.

Fanspage Business on Facebook

This is not the same as the Facebook Likes business. When you choose this business, then you only need to create such a fans page on facebook and then sell each post to other users. What is selling the post? Selling post is just similar to tweet promotion on Twitter where you will offer your service to some people who want to advertise their business through your post. But, you need to make sure that your fan page has a lot of likes.

Game Business on Facebook

Do you know that playing games on Facebook can earn money? Well, it is true that you can get real money when you play some certain games on Facebook. However, the process is not that simple where you need to create one Facebook account that is specifically created for playing games on Facebook. You can play some Facebook games like Candy Crush Saga, FarmVille, 2, and Dragon City. You can promote your account that your Facebook account is really worth to buy.

Advertisement Business on Facebook

The last way to earn money via Facebook is through Facebook ads and this becomes the ultimate way to earn money online effectively. But, you need to know that when using this Facebook ad, you need to prepare a budget because it is not free. You need to have a credit card or VCC. You can promote your own product through the Facebook ads, blog promotion, or other people’s products.

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